The Geometric Trading Course – Apprentice Level II builds on the core trading methodology and geometry learned in Levels O & I. Learning to make trading decisions on their own, the Apprentice achieves the goal of trading independently. The Apprentice is introduced to the hidden Geometric structures of the world’s capital markets and the incredible forecasting power of Beck’s Emblem. Whether its compass, square, pencil and paper or the latest computer technology, the Apprentice student is empowered to predict market turning points in advance with market geometry unseen by the trading public. Each session is recorded in high definition video and is available to our students on demand.

Course Outline
Part I: Introduction
Part II: Beck’s Emblem
Part III: Quadrilaterals
Part IV: Time & Price Scaling
Part V: ZBD
Part VI: TPV
Part VII: Circumscribed Objective
Part VIII: Trajan’s Triangle
Part IX: Volume
Part X: Relative Velocity
Part XI: Options
Part XII: Squaring the Circle

Instructor: Ross L. Beck, FCSI Author of The Gartley Trading Method: New Techniques to Profit From the Market’s Most Powerful Formation published by Wiley Trading.

Format: 12 Video lessons recorded in 1080P.

Prerequisites: Completion of The Geometric Trading Course Initiate Level I exam >70% ​Registration

Tuition: $1786

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