High Probabily Technical Analysis

Step 1 - Book

The Gartley Trading Method book is the best place to get started with Geometric Trading

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Step 2 - Trading Course

Can Market Geometry give you an edge over trading "robots"? First lesson is FREE

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Step 3 - Software

Professional Market Geometers need the tools of the trade. Test drive Optuma for 30 Days

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What is Geometric Trading?

The use of geometry to forecast the financial markets has been applied by a handful of traders including W.D. Gann and H.M. Gartley, two of the most successful traders of all time. Geometric Trading is a trading method that utilizes the science of geometry to forecast market reversals in price and time. Most of the material on Market Geometry has been a closely guarded secret... until now. All is revealed in The Geometric Trading Course​.
​Geometric Trading offers trading education that empowers individuals to learn to trade any liquid exchange traded financial instrument in the world. Most trading courses overlook the most important aspect of all technical analysis methods... Geometry.